Top Ten Things People Engrave on Money Clips

Engraving IdeasThe option to engrave/personalize your money clip & pricing With Crazy4MoneyClips, you can have your money clips engraved/personalized. However, to keep our pricing lower than many of the competitors, we give you the option to engrave/personalize your money clip at a local engraver or opt not to engrave the clip. We do not charge you for engraving/personalization unless you chose that option. Our engraving prices are less expensive than taking the product to a local engraver because we do not charge you a set up charge for the service. We charge a straight fee per line of engraving and since money clips generally consist of one line, we are able to offer a very affordable rate, which generally does not exceed $10.00. We do not force you to engrave or personalize with us. You can purchase the clip and take it to a local engraver to do the personalization for you. Select your engravable money clip now.
How our money clip engraving/personalization service works.Once you select your product, you will be presented with the option to engrave/personalize your money clip. If the option to engrave/personalize the money clip is available, we will show you how many characters can be engraved as well as present you a font choice. On some of our products, you will have the ability to expedite the engraving/personalization service as well. Select your engravable money clip now.
What to say when engraving/personalizing your money clip.Often you have ten characters to work with when engraving or personalizing your money clip. What you say, of course, depends on whether the money clip is a gift or for yourself and if it’s a gift, if it’s a corporate or personal gift. We’ve given a range of options below. Select your engravable money clip now.
3 Initials are popular on money clips. (3 characters)
Love Always (11 characters)
Thank you (9 characters)
My Love 3 initials (11 characters)
With Love (9 characters)
Go Team (7 characters)
A Name
Go (sports team)
I love ___
Company Name

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