Top Ten Ways to Save Money on your Insurance

Top Ten Insurance Savings Tips from Crazy 4 Money Clips

Crazy4MoneyClips offers cost savings advice to millions of Americans annually. One area that people often think about but approach hesitantly when thinking about cost saving is insurance. If you get yourself a good agent that you trust, you should be able to talk to them about taking steps to lower your insurance rates. Below are sixteen easily taken steps that can save you money. Keep your money in your money clip.1) Raise your deductibles on your insurances. The higher your deductibles the lower your insurance premiums2) Only make claims when they are sizable. If you make claims on many small items, this will drive your rates up over time.3) Pay Annually: Pay annual insurance fees to secure reduced rates.4) Buy Term: Buy term life insurance not whole life insurance.5) One Company: Use same company for all insurance needs for volume discounts.6) Discounts Matter: Ask what special discounts may be available. For instance, you can save money with the following special discounts: home safety, safe driver, senior. There may be others available that you may qualify for as well.7) Get quotes from multiple carriers. It never hurts to see what your options are. In fact, you may find pricing varies significantly.8) Young Person, Old Car: If you have a teenager, make sure the teen drives the oldest car. At least if you want the best insurance rates.9) Insure your house not the land. Most people insure their house and their land, but your land is not at risk for fire or tornado damage. Save some money and insure just your house.10) Check on Low Milage Discounts. If you don’t drive much, take advantage and get a lower insurance premium.11) Check for Alarm System Discounts. Most insurance companies will reduce rates if you have an alarm system installed. Do the cost benefit analysis to see which will save you the most money.12) Believe in Safety: Safe home means lower premiums; alarms, smoke detectors, deadbolts, sprinklers.13) Stop Smoking; fires are cause by cigarettes so smokers pay more. It’s a hard one, but the fringe benefit is pretty good. You get to live longer and spend the money you save.14) Go for group coverage. You will always get better coverage if you have a body of people to negotiate with. Check into affinity groups, alumni groups, work policies, etc.15) Private Insurance for High Risk Areas: Live in a high risk area – look for private insurance.16) Check your credit score – yes, it could impact your insurance rates.If you want more information on any of the following go to and check out their blog. Their goal is to keep your money in your money clip.

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