What are the Requirements Management Plan and Scope Management Plan?

Scope Management is the second knowledge area in Project Management. PMP Scope Management consists of six processes, and Plan scope management is the first. This process produces the Scope Management plan as well as Requirements Management plans. You can find more information about Scope Management plan or Requirements Management Plan in project management professional certification courses.
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This article will provide the definition of Plan Scope Management Process and Scope Management Plan.
What is Plan Scope Management?
Scope Management is the Scope Management knowledge domain. It involves creating a scope management plan which documents how the project scope will define, be validated, and be controlled. The requirements of the customer as well as the stakeholders of the project will determine the scope of the project. Once the project has produced outputs, it must be verified that they meet the expectations. The scope of the project must be managed and the project manager must avoid any scope creeps.

Scope Management Plan and Requirements Management Plan are the outputs of the Plan Scope Management Process. We will now see what scope management plan is and what requirements management plan are and what these plans include.
What is Scope Management Plan?
Scope Management plan, as it is known in PMP courses, is the plan that describes how the scope will define, develop, monitor, control, and verify. For example,
How to collect the requirements of customers and project stakeholders
How to eliminate conflicting requirements
How to determine if the agreed scope has been delivered
How to verify that the project deliverables have been delivered as agreed

All of these are included in the Scope Management Plan.

Scope Management Plan is a management plan and is included in the project management plan. Scope management plan is an important input into the Develop Project Management Plan process. Scope management plans are essential because they define the scope of the project and what will be done during the project. Critical aspects of a project are directly affected by the scope. This includes the budget, schedule, quality, and resource estimations. Scope management plans, which help to define the scope of a project, are a critical input for the Develop Project Management Plan process.
Scope Management Plan: What is included?
Scope Management Plan includes:
Scope Management plan includes processes for creating a detailed project scope statement. The scope statement for a project describes its scope at a high level. Scope Management plans will help you prepare a detailed project scope statement.
Scope Management Plan contains processes that allow for the creation of WBS. WBS stands for Work Breakdown Structure. WBS is the abbreviation for Work Breakdown Structure. It shows the hierarchy of activities as well as work packages that will be completed to fulfill the project scope. An e-commerce website could include multiple systems, such as member management, transaction management, and marketing system. These systems will include several work packages. Transaction management systems can include credit card verification, shopping card function, and so on. These functions can require multiple activities to complete. WBS is a blueprint that shows the work required to complete a project.
Scope Management Plan also outlines processes that will govern how the WBS will continue to be maintained and approved. Before a project can be executed, the WBS must be approved by all project stakeholders.
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