What’s in your library Guest post by Travis Anderson I was in my study reading the Top 7 WBS Mistakes Project Managers Make by Nankivel (http://wbscoach.com/7-mistakes) and started to wonder what other project management enthusiast read. Although we all work in different industries and have different experiences, many of us are from different generations. However, I’m sure that there are a few books that we all enjoy reading at pmStudent. Please leave a list of books you love or must-read. For the PM community to increase the knowledge base. Here are some books and case studies that I have on my shelf.

  • The Goal by Goldratt
  • Critical Chain by Goldratt
  • You are in charge What now? By Neef & Citrin
  • Young: Performance-Based Earned Value
  • Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Maxwell: Winning with People
  • Maxwell’s 21 Essential Qualities for a Leader
  • Maxwell’s 21 unquestionable Laws of Leadership
  • Blanchard & Johnson & Crew have all the One Minute Manager books
  • Welch wins
  • Napoleon on Project Management by Manas
  • Drucker: What makes a great executive?
  • NEW to my list! Nankivel’s Top 7 WBS Mistakes by Project Managers

Thank you for sharing.

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